How Many DTV Shredder models are there ?

We’ve recently converted our entire lineup to Electric! We currently have one model available, but will soon start offering other models as well.

Why move to Electric?

We chose to convert from gas to Electric for a number of reasons: 

  1. We have more control over the steering so we’ve been able to make the responsiveness of the Shredder much better and make the overall experience much more enjoyable.
  2. There’s more power and torque compared to the gas Shredder which means you can have more fun!
  3. We can change the ride profile dynamically so the Shredder can be at it’s best in sand, snow, mud, dirt, grass, or whatever you throw at it.
  4. We can support and update the Shredder for years to come. Even after you buy it with over the air updates.
  5. We can add new features like reverse and full 0-turn! Things that everyone has been asking for.
What do you use the DTV Shredder for?

The Shredder is used for Recreation and Utility. Carve through narrow winding trails or tow a trailer across the farm. Your machine, your rules!

How fast does a DTV Shredder go

Top speed on the Electric Shredder is 25 mph (40kph).

How much does a DTV Shredder cost ?

The Electric DTV Shredder starts at $8999 USD.

How far can the DTV Shredder go on a full charge?

The new Electric Shredder can go 2 hours on a full charge at full tilt. Most people can expect to get more than 2 hours of battery life while riding.

How much can a DTV Shredder tow?

The Electric Shredder can tow up to 800 lbs! Enough to tow your jet ski or tools or just about anything else you need.

The Shredder is an off-road vehicle. It is not street legal.

How can I buy a DTV Shredder?

Email  [email protected] or find a local dealer near you.