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DTV Motor Corporation is a privately-owned corporation based in Canada and has been developing the DTV Shredder since 2009.

“DTV” stands for Dual Tracked Vehicle.

The DTV Shredder was originally invented by Ryan Fairhead where he personally created the first sketches and machined the first parts used on the original Shredder prototype which today stands as a hallmark for powersports innovation at DTV.
Three generations later, the DTV Shredder is highly refined yet we continue to push the boundaries of innovation. Fittingly, today Ryan is the Vice President at DTV.
At DTV, we have a passion for developing all terrain, all season powersports that cater to a wide variety of demographics and market segments. We have combined the best characteristics of traditional board sport into an exciting new riding experience. The idea was to capture the freedom riders feel on a snowboard and apply it to a motorized tracked vehicle with all terrain, all season capabilities.
The DTV Shredder captures the freedom of carving on a snowboard or skateboard by using our patented dual CVT Transmission system that captures the rider’s body movements and varies the dual track speeds accordingly to produce smooth arcing turns.
We have created a vehicle that is easy to ride year round in almost any environment yet compact enough to fit into rear compartment of almost any hatchback or SUV.
No matter what the purpose, if you are looking for an exciting way to travel off road offering year-round value and on all terrain, the DTV Shredder is for you.



Paresh Ghelani




Vice President