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We're very excited to announce the launch of our much awaited Electric Shredder! It's Faster, more Powerful, and More Fun. With brand new features and improved handling, you're able to Shred in a totally new way now! Shred On!

What is a

DTV Shredder?

The DTV Shredder is the first true crossover vehicle for recreation, utility or whatever you want to use it for. An innovative combination of tank, skateboard and Stand-up Jet Ski, the DTV Shredder is the first Dual Track Vehicle that is all-terrain, all season capable.

Why buy a DTV Shredder ?

From snow to dirt to mud and everything in between, the DTV Shredder turns the outdoors into your personal playground.With all-terrain and towing capability, the compact nature and versatility of the machine allows numerous utility applications all year round. The DTV Shredder has no off-season.


We have captured the freedom riders feel carving on a board and applied it to a motorized tracked vehicle that keeps shredding all year round.

Utility / Hunting

Hunting, ice fishing, agriculture or just yard work, our Utility model has you covered from trailer hitches, to LED kits and gear carriages.


We’re committed to racing in 2023. If you’re interested in joining or hosting, please reach out!

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