Introducing The All New Electric


The Most Versatile Tracked Vehicle Just Got Better

Now Available for $8999

Electric DTV Shredder


Silence never sounded this electrifying.

It all started with the gas Shredder. It was amazing, tearing over all sorts of terrain without a worry in the world. We thought long and hard on how we could make it better. We decided to make it electric.

The new Electric Shredder is more powerful, more intuitive, more customizable, and more fun.



More Power. Better Handling.

The new Electric Shredder has more power and it’s turning and handling is much improved. Electric motors allows us the fine tuned control we need to allow you to gain fine tuned control over the speed and direction you want to go.

The Rebirth of Zero-Turn

With an improved transmission we’ve been able to upgrade Zero-Turn and low speed turning to give you exactly the turn you need at any speed.


With electric motors, it’s possible to change the performance specs and handling specs on the fly. Towing? Increase low-end torque. Riding for fun? Increase the top speed. All this can be done dynamically through the DTV Rider App.

Stuck? Go Reverse!

Introducing Reverse to the Shredder! With the Electric Shredder we are finally able to offer a proper reverse. Coupled with Zero-Turn, there’s no place you can’t go and no situation you can’t get out of.

Ongoing Updates

We’ve designed the new Electric Shredder with future support in mind. As we make improvements we can push those changes to all riders so their Shredder is constantly improving and gets better with time. 



We painstakingly have spent countless hours working to perfect the motor and controller setup. We use 20 KW motors so you get maximum performance while also making sure they’re extremely durable. With fine tuned control over the motors the handling is one of the biggest improvements over the gas Shredder. 


We have designed our battery packs to provide the best combination of performance and capacity. High quality high discharge batteries allow you push your Shredder to it’s max while still holding it’s charge over time. Get up to 2 hours of Shredding with these batteries.


The DTV Shredder suspension utilizes a novel approach to track driven vehicles. The first and most obvious is the rear drive mechanism. This drive system delivers a much higher power efficiency and keeps the dual tracks firmly planted on the ground, unlike front drive systems. The front area is clear of any drivetrain, therefore, full attention to damping can be utilized meaning a full double articulated mechanism can absorb both frontal and lower shock loads. This ensures rider comfort and durability are achieved in a relatively small space.